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Press Reviews

"... Robin Collins, who runs Truffles & Flourishes, one of the better catering firms..." Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

"... Robin Collins, fantastic caterer..." Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

"... Robin runs a super catering firm called Truffles & Flourishes." Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

"... Robin Collins, noted foodie ..."
Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

... Robin Collins, the only caterer (Truffles & Flourishes) who makes the best dressed lists, donated 500 tulip champagne glasses to the mezz bar because the regular ones are of the sherbert variety ..."Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

"... Robin Collins, the catering queen ... " Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

"...Robin Collins, caterer to the gilt-edged (Truffles & Flourishes is her outfit), is trying to educate her cautious clientele to the latest delicacy in high flown European cirles - snail eggs, $46 a jar at Fauchon at Paris - but so far no takers. 'Better than caviar', she says unconvincingly. Snail eggs. You go first." Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

"Caterer Robin Collins predicts that by the year 2000 your car will have a microwave oven in the glove compartment. Haven't you always wanted to eat your gloves?" Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

"...Wilkes Bashford, The Examiner Period, and, so help me the Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf unveil the effigy of Willie Brown tonight at Wilkes' haberdashery...The apple of our eyes may be waxen, but the food will be real. Here's what characters eat when they celebrate: lobster eclairs wih vanilla bean essence, miniature taco cups, miniature waffle stars with smoked salmon, miniaure lemon meringue tartlets. There's more of course, but in that list of miniatures though, is life-size, I'm assured. When Wilkes chooses a caterer, he's concerned with more than "Whass wasabi, dude?" Although caterer Robin Collins will be out sight in Bashford's seventh-floor kitchen, her toque is by Borsolino. Robin comes to the events she caters better dressed than the guests...And that's how they do things in The City..." P.J. Corkery, San Francisco Examiner

"The spirit of Herb Caen will live on...with a show called Caenfetti. At the announcement cocktail party...waiters passed Robin Collins' cleverly titled tidbits (Beefniks in Peanut Sauce, Pigeon Pie, Treasured Islands, Barbary Toasts, Friday Fish Wrap and Scoop du Jour), guests drank Skyy's Vitamin V martinis (two olives if you please)and reminisced about the sorely missed columnist, trading their favorite Caen stories." Cynthia Robins, San Francisco Examiner

"Hors d'oeuvre at the "Caenfetti" party Tuesday night, at Wilkes Bashford, celebrating a new musical about S.F. history from Herb's POV included Barbary Toast, Baghdad by the Beef, Son of a Pun Asparagus and Strange de Jim Strange Flavored Swordfish. The later tastes best with lightly spritzed with Wilkes cologne." Scott Ostler, San Francisco Chronicle

"Customers of Louis Vuitton on Union Square were invited to cocktails last Wednesday and unlike many events at designer boutiques, a portion of the night's proceeds was not shipped off to a charity. The event was intended to promote the store's new line of Vuitton Cup merchandise...Three hundred customers scarfed down green and gold food (a directive from Paris to match the new clothing) such as tuna on wonton crisps with lime wasabi glaze, polenta with green olive tapenade and other noshes by Truffles & Flourishes Catering." Carolyne Zinko, San Francisco Chronicle

"Caterer and society maven Robin Collins might miss the Symphony and Opera galas for the first time in twenty years. She broke her ankle in a July Fourth accident and broke it again on crutches in the backyard. She's propping the foot up while planning the Cystic Fibrosis "65 Roses Supper Club" benefit at the Fairmont in October, hoping the ankle will mend by gala night. She'll need a cane or walker, but oh, the horror of trading the practical for the stylish ...If only Manolo Blahnik made inflatable casts." Carolyne Zinko, San Fransisco Chronicle

"It doesn't take much to lure most dedicated shippers to a home store, but for those who need a reason the San Francisco Ballet Auxiliary has one. Four designers have created fantasy table settings that will be given away at a drawing at the Auxiliary's 22nd annual luncheon and fashion show...each table vignette matched to one of the four seasons...Robin Collins (Summer "Whimsical"). Carolyne Zinko, San Francisco Chronicle

"Robin Collins who created a vividly colored playhouse for the "Summer Table" featured at the SF Ballet Auxiliary luncheon." Leslie Harlib, Marin Independent Journal

"Robin Collins, whose Truffles & Flourishes Catering company donated 500 glass flutes to the San Francisco Opera House 14 years ago because "they don't spill as much onto expensive gowns when gals hug each other" was horrified Saturday night when plastic champagne flutes were used along with glass during intermission at the North Box Bar. Surely some civic minded benefactor will step forward to right this wrong."

Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle

"Rock the Casbah. Hotelier and developer Norman Krug (Sonoma Valley Inn, Dry Creek Inn) picked a "Casablanca" theme for an engagement party at his Hillsborough home for nephew Steven Sugarman and his fiancee Ainslie Mackay who met at Yale Law School. Living room furniture was moved out to create a casino, waiters wore red fezzes, family and friends sat at dinner on pillows atop a red carpet around the pool and ate by candlelight on low tables with orange linens. Palm trees and a seven piece band playing tunes from the '30's and '40's deepened the mood. Right around dessert time came a splashy ending to the party, courtesy of Robin Collins' Truffles & Flourishes Catering & Event Planning who orchestrated the entire evening - two synchronized swimmers performing to Arabic music and then patriotic music. Who? Anna Kozlova and Alison Bartosik, 2004 Olympic hopefuls from the Santa Clara Aquamaids". Carolyne Zinko, San Francisco Chronicle

"You had to squeeze like cheese into the Louis Vuitton store for the amfAR gathering Tuesday night - it was mobbed. Herb Caen used to say about Robin Collins, "She's the only caterer to make the best dressed lists." Some things haven't changed. Robin had a Vuitton briefcase and handbag and was still working her gig. "I always try to match my parties", she explains. Few could see her though. She was in the back of the store, comandeering the canapes while remanded to crutches with a broken ankle. Even that wouldn't slow down the irrepressible Robin." P.J. Corkery, San Francisco Examiner

"Best Hors d'oeuvres of the year ...McCutchen's kick-off bash at The Asian Art Museum for Anna Han and the firm's new Shanghai office ..." The Recorder

"...Collins, full service caterer, can provide flowers, music, staff, whatever the event needs to get under way...'At weddings, I do everything but walk down the aisle with the guy.'"...San Francisco Examiner

"Robin Collins, owner of Truffles and Flourishes, believes that a party that a law firm gives is as much a 'statement about who they are as the last trial they've won.'" The Recorder

"Robin Collins describes her business as something akin to a circus act. 'You come in, set up your tents and perform. What I hope most of all is that we provide people with a happy memory of the event.'"

The Robb Report

"The queen for Saturday's Mardi Gras Ball will be Robin Collins who earned votes by selling chocolate truffles around town…$25,000 was raised. The money goes to Children's Hospital; the annual party is sponsored by the Little Jim Club."`Pat Steger, San Francisco Chronicle

"Robin Collins, Truffles & Flourishes Catering & Event Planning, one of San Francisco's top ten caterers…

San Francisco Examiner

"…San Francisco party planner Robin Collins suggests thumbing through old fashioned calendars as well as international calendars for unuaual holiday themes. She also believes in creataive license…'Why not have a romantic Valentine's Day Engagement Party in July? The object, especially during the summer, is to have fun!" Traditional Home Magazine

A list of San Francisco "BESTS" by Robin Collins, owner Truffles & Flourishes Catering & Event Planning

SF Access Guide

"It's hard to imagine Robin Collins catering cocktails for 250, in fact, it's hard to imagine Robin Collins getting her hands wet…a striking woman with a designer wardrobe who seems more at home in the circle where parties are catered than in the catering circle. San Francisco Magazine recently voted her one of the city's ten most eligible bachelorettes and that honor, no doubt, is due as much to her successful business as it is to her good looks…" The Party Line

"Winner for Holiday Theme Inspiration, Robin Collins, Truffles & Flourishes Catering & Event Planning"

Special Events Magazine

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